Alice Gadney

Cartographer at Silver7 Mapping

Silver7 Mapping creates amazing map imagery from your amazing data. Data can be anything- locations, spreadsheets, accounts..

Alice Gadney has been making maps for nearly 20 year! Starting out in the transport and oil & gas industry, the varied portfolio of companies she has worked with, has given her scope to help and improve businesses in their planning and marketing strategies through mapping!

Every company is individual however we are all here to get to our goals the quickest and as painless as possible! A map can do just this – rather than wading through spreadsheets or powerpoint presentations – one or two images can instantly give you a starting point for discussion..for dividing sales areas, for seeing who has spent the most with your company.

I am happy to visit your company to discuss your mapping requirements and provide you with a free quote!

The ‘Biz Map’ offer is at